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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

David's Salon

One of the best places to go when it comes to hair treatments and the like in Davao City is David's Salon. I've been going there for years but mostly when I need a pedicure. :) I like the polish they use because it stays a lot longer than the other salons use. You see I've tried them all. So I'd like to think that I know what I'm talking about. hehe .. Seriously though, if you like a good quality polish when you have a manicure or a pedicure, go to David's Salon at the 2nd Floor of NCCC Mall, Maa, Davao City.

Err.. I don't get paid when I write these things. :) But our women out there I'm sure, would like to have value for the money services right? So I hope this helps...

Ok, let's go back to my hair treatment. I was told that stress can make your hair dry. If that is true, then I guess that's what's causing mine. hu hu.. I cannot close our business. I love my work, period! So I'll just take care of the stress some other way huh?! LOL

And I am so glad that I went to David's for that purpose. I forgot to ask exactly what they used, but boy I've never felt this good with my hair for a very long time. This is so vain.. haha. But women don't like messy hair when we're working. We don't want the "mahangin sa labas" look right? It is our crowning glory after all..

                                                            Marlon, my hairstylist.

                   I told her, smile. I'll include you in my blog. And we both laughed. haha

                                   The blogger and the photo addict in me, at work. LOL  

Thank you guys! :) Very much...

David's Salon is just on the 2nd Floor of NCCC Mall in Maa. I find it really convenient for me because we have a Real Estate booth there, facing the grocery section. :)

                                                            Lea C. Walker

Monday, February 27, 2012

Currency Trading

Good morning world! :) It's 4:14 a.m. in my part of the world now. Too early for most people but normal for me. I wish I slept for 2 more hours though! (sigh...) 

Oh well...

Since I couldn't go back to sleep anymore, I started analyzing where the Philippine Peso- US dollar is going. Not your typical morning thingy huh?! lol.. But then again, I am not your typical girl in the block. ha ha

So I have here the PHP-USD chart for the past 12 months.


Look at the broken lines I've created.

If you notice, the trend during the last quarter of 2011 is upward. That means the Philippine Peso has depreciated. And the US dollar strengthened. In lay man's term, if you're earning US dollar , you will get more pesos.

But if you are buying the US dollar, in the case of importers, that's bad news because they would have to pay more to buy 1 dollar. Or if you have a dollar loan, that's worse! Can you imagine having an importer with a $1M loan? From P42M pesos to P44M? That sucks huh?

So that's how wallstreet makes their billions. :) By forecasting where the stocks or the currencies are going. These are all paperworks. But the investment is real.

Knowing the trend is important. It will tell you somehow where the currency is going. So you would know whether to buy or sell your dollar.

Technically, the Philippine peso has gained strength when the year opened. And it's continuing to do so. But if it breaks Php42.80 level, the peso will depreciate again to :

    a) Php43.45 - tough level to break but when it can shoot up to    b) Php44.10 .

Good news for our overseas workers. :)

And the Philippine economy in general. Why?

Because when the peso is cheap, worldwide investors or even travellers will choose our country as their business or leisure destination.

Think.. that's exactly the reason why retirees come to the Philippines. Their dollar goes a long way in our country. :)

Right now though, the Philippine Peso is expensive. At Php42.20 per one US dollar, our workers abroad are probably crying. They're losing everytime they send their hard earned money to the Philippines.

Call center owners are probably complaining too. :) Imagine them paying P1,000,000.00 to their employees. At P42.20 = they would have to come up with   $23,696.70. Compared to $22,727.30 at Php44/1 usd. See that's $969.00 additional cost on their part.

So if you are to ask me, I would prefer a cheaper Philippine peso. P45 or more. That means, more investors for our country. And of course, more pesos for those who are earning in US Dollars.

My long term outlook is to buy the US dollar. If you have a dollar account and you don't need the money, just keep it. Let it sleep for awhile. Then exchange it into peso later.

With the news these days, I believe that the peso will fall. Don't worry, a cheaper peso is better for our economy anyway. :)

                                                         Lea C. Walker

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I would have wanted to write this down weeks ago but time had been very hectic. I'm glad I couldn't sleep early tonight, so I got this chance to blog about my visit last month to Greenbelt Mall in Makati.

Until now, I am still in awe of the place. That sounds so shallow right? lol  But it's true!

Manilenyos probably take it for granted because you know, it's just there. They can go to Makati anytime they want to. But I am  a "promdi"!  haha.. For my non-filipino readers, that's our local word for "from the province". :)

Ayala, the developer of Greenbelt, had a masterplan. When they built the mall, they wanted nature to be a part of it. Hence, the name greenbelt.

So even if you're inside a mall, it still feels like being in a province with huge trees , ponds and waterfalls. There's just another world out there... I'm glad that there's still a shade of green in the middle of these high end developments.

I hope the pictures I took will somehow show the beauty I really admired...

                                   The road to and from Greenbelt.

                       The garden in the middle of the mall with fountain and waterfalls.

                         Another garden with a Koi pond.

                                           Ain't it beautiful? :)

The Church:                          

This chapel was in the middle of the mall. Underneath it is a koi pond which blended beautifully with its landscape.

                               The pathway leading to the chapel.

The Mall:

            I just found this cool.. Pretzels, prepared infront of you! :)

                      This is just one of the many outdoor restaurants in Greenbelt.

I loved it!

I hope that someday we will have a mall like this in Davao. Abreeza is owned by the Ayala's also. But boy, there is no comparison at all!

If you're in Manila, try visiting Makati and Greenbelt. The place is so different. Wonderfully different, that is... :)  It reminded me of Orchard Lane in Singapore. 

                                                         Lea C. Walker


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Road To GenSan

For those who are wondering how's the road condition going to General Santos City  (commonly known as GenSan), I prepared a photo essay for you. Here's hoping that it would help your travel plans going there. :)

We left Davao City around 5 a.m. today. We had to make sure that we got there during office hours because we were targeting businessmen and employees alike for our caravan. Our way of promoting the real properties we're selling in Davao City. Oh yeah, like you, I work hard too. hehe

So enough business talk. I did that the whole day today!


             This was taken in Digos, Davao Del Sur.  I love the big trees beside the road.

                                 Outside Digos, you'll see this beautiful rice field.

             Roads are being repaired. So you'll see lots of these on the way to GenSan.

    The view as we start heading up. This area is called "otsenta". It's 80 kms from Davao to this point.

 Ooops.. there's a landslide. :(  Not to worry though, I've seen government workers, making drainage system. Water runs down from the mountain everytime it rains. So hopefully with the drainage system
in place, the problem will be solved!  Ok so at least we know where the taxes are going. :)

                    Malungon Gamay. :)

              I like this field in Malungon Dako. :)


Davao to GenSan is more or less 140kms. So that's about 3 hours or less using private vehicles. If you're going to commute, it might take longer because buses pick up passengers from time to time. And yes, there are buses travelling from Davao to GenSan 24 hours a day. Passenger Vans too. 

I fell asleep mostly from Davao to Digos. I remember John waking me up and saying that people are waving at us. haha.. I told him that those are passengers waving for the van to stop, thinking that ours is a passenger one. hehe..

      The business district of GenSan. I am so happy, we gave away thousands of fliers. I'm hoping that
they'll come back to us. :)

 SM is everywhere! :) They're building a new one in GenSan now. I just wish they would put a garden inside the mall, just like Green belt huh?!

          Ahh... Robinsons in GenSan is bigger than the one in Davao! :) And they got nice things there



 We stopped at Cliffhanger in otsenta, a restaurant with an overlooking view of the sea and Digos. We just bought water (had lunch at Jo's Chicken Inato in GenSan already :) , so we can have  a photo op. haha

     Me and my sister Pearlie. I borrowed 5 of her workers to assist us in giving away fliers. :)

           The view is fantastic! Grabe.......... Just by looking at it, relaxed na ako. :)

          Cholo, Pearlie and Ruben. :)  I miss you mattskie! Dapat uban ka unta no? hehe

                                                         John and Me :)

                                                   Before reaching Digos.

                                           Banana Plantation in Digos.

So is going to GenSan safe? Of course, it is! I told you Mindanao is such a beautiful place. And no, our place is not a killing field. Contrary to what the news portray. You'd think all of Mindanao is  scary. Gawd, that's the funniest thing ever! LOL

Like I always say, true there's a small portion that even I would not go. But of most of Mindanao is a beautiful haven that's just waiting for us to make our own adventures...

PS. I did not see Manny Pacquiao. hehe..

                                                                    Lea C. Walker



Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines in Eden

Eden Nature Park had a valentine's promo. An overnight stay included a serenade while having dinner. Romantic right? John told me to book a room and avail of the package. I was grinning. :) Who wouldn't? With my wonderful husband and in a beautiful place like Eden, it's just perfect!

Then, I realized. February 14 fell on a Tuesday. I have an 8am appointment the next day. So that means, overnight in Eden is impossible. hu hu...

Oh well...

So in lieu of that, we had an early celebration last Sunday. Not as romantic as the original plan but with the sumptous lunch , a walk under the trees, photo op with the butterflies and listening to the sound of the birds at Eden's aviary.. With John. I couldn't ask for more. :)


      The buffet lunch was good. As always. This time, I tasted something new. Their apple and coleslaw salad. It was really delicious, like a dessert. Although it was meant as a vegetable salad. :)

The vegetables in their salad bar are grown in their own organic garden. So it's really fresh.

Another thing I loved was their beef caldereta.

Dessert consisted of Lychee Gelatine, banana cake, and fresh fruits. There was something in a small glass with fruit, toppings and cream. I don't know what's the name but it tasted good! :)


     John loves birds. While I love singing to our birds. haha... Works perfectly right? Anyway,  after the heavy lunch, we both decided to walk around. And headed towards the aviary.

There's nothing special with this bridge. But I just love the whole composition of this picture. It looked so relaxing to me. A rustic old bridge with huge trees and its cool breeze... Hmmm...


       I so love this place. I just wanted to sit down and feel the cool breeze on my face...

I don't know what this flower is called, but I like its color. It's beautiful right? :)

 So if you still don't know where to go on Valentine's Day. Leave the city and head towards Eden. :)

                                                            Lea C. Walker

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fishes at Nuvali

In 2010, I went to Makati for an accreditation with Avida. That's in preparation for the Ayala projects in Davao City. It was a five day training that included the presentation of their newest project in Sta. Rosa, Laguna named Nuvali. Back then, the place was still full of grass. But the project consisted of an IT Park, a beautiful subdivision and a man made lake.

Two years after, I had the chance to visit the place coming from Tagaytay.

Boy, was I surprised! The place looked amazing. Specially the lake with its thousands of golden Koi fishes glowing in the water.

Random Photos:

                                                    John bought me some feeds.

                            Taken while Nina and I were feeding the fishes. It was fun! hehe...

Other than feeding the Kois, one can also tour the whole lake. You can join the boat trip for a fee. :)

The park has several restaurants and coffee shop as well. Before going back to Makati where we were staying, we bought some pies at Conti's. They never disappoint. I love their ham and cheese pie. :)

As I said in my previous blog, when you're in Manila, make time to visit Tagaytay. From there, stop at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. :)

                                                                    Lea C. Walker