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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap :)

The year 2011 has been very good to me. :) I've had a lot of firsts which for me were very memorable and fun. So let me share with you all these blessings as I leave this year with thanksgiving in my heart. :)

1) February - we moved to our 1st brand new house. :) 

We've bought several units over the years but it's always for re-sale. Never for us. But our lessor kept on raising the rental price. So both John and me, thought of buying a new one to save us some money.

Tip: buying a house is a dead investment. But of course, since it's a basic necessity , we don't have a choice but acquire one right? So make sure that when you do invest, consider the following:

     a) location  - with the weather getting crazy these days, buy on a higher ground. That way, the risk
                          of being flooded is nil. Plus of course, it's cooler when you're on top. That's why when
                          it rains for days, I see some fogs in our neighborhood sometimes. :) 

                          Being in a gated subdivision helps. Security wise. No peddlers too so it's quiet . (This
                          means though that you need to stock up your groceries because there's no sari sari
                          store nearby.)

                          In terms of ROI - (return of investment). Incase you need to sell in the future,
                          it  may take quite sometime, but it will sell at a higher  price. Err.. this goes without
                          saying that your house has been well-maintained, of course! :)

Ok, so enough business for now. hehe... If you need my assistance, please email me through my business address: .

2) April - Trip to the East Coast.
I grew up in Davao Oriental. But the farthest I've been to was a trip to Bangaga. :) So this year, we travelled all the way from Davao City to the East Coast. We passed through the towns of Lupon, Mati, Tarragona, Manay, Caraga, Bangaga, Cateel , Boston, Lingig and ended up in Mangagoy. haha.. Yes I know , we're a crazy bunch.. lol But it was fun! :) Specially the side trip to Tinuy-An Falls. Ahh... that was one beautiful place I will never forget. It's the Niagara Falls of the Philippines, after all!

3. May - Santos Land Development Corporation gave me a free trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

It's my second time to visit Singapore. John and I went there for a vacation years ago.

But my first time to go to Malaysia. :)   I loved the experience at Batu Cave. It was my first time to be in a cave too, so it was an exciting one for me. The trip to Genting Highlands was exhilirating. I will never forget what I felt when we were in the cable car for a 3 kilometer ride going there. Gee, that made me swear that I will never, ever ride in a cable car again. hehe...

4.  July - My fist time in Bohol.

To say that I was excited was an understatement! Despite the very long travel ( you'll understand when you read the links), it was a memorable trip for me and my family. :) So it was all worth it...

5. August - Our South East Asian Trip.

Never in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to visit Thailand , Cambodia and Vietnam. But God, in His goodness, made it possible for me and John this year. We planned this trip for a year so we were prepared, except for that terrible experience at the border of Thailand and Cambodia. Wow, that was tiring! But our Angkor  experience.. was amazing. I have no words for it. Grabe!

Bangkok , Thailand:



You know, I just realized that I still have not posted anything on Angkor Wat itself. So with the other temples. :( So here are some photos I took then.

                                                          Angkor Wat

                                                         John and me at Banteay Srei. :)      

Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam:


6. October - Kapatagan for a day. :)

I love this place! It was a difficult trip but it was worth it. Wow, Mt. Apo is a beauty to behold... 

                          Courtesy of my sister , Pearlie. :)

7. November - Surfing in Davao Oriental.

No, I didn't surf. hehe.. I wish! But I was able to get several shots of the Amihan Boys in Dahican , Mati. Amazing kids! :)

It has been a busy year for me. :) And I am looking forward to the year 2012.

As the year ends, I would like to thank God for a life filled with blessings. And I would like to thank also the people who have been with me in this year's journey. To my family, friends and valued clients, thank you. :)

Here's to a wonderful new year for all of us. May God continue to bless us as we face the coming year.

Cheers everyone!

                                                               Lea C. Walker



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Davao City

I love Christmas. :) Specially when it's spent with family. Our family tradition is that, we spend it with mama and papa. So we go to their house and bring food, in addition to what they've prepared. Ahh.. my sisters and I have been very lucky. My parents are really great cooks. So food was always yummy with both of them around.

December 24 - after work, I prepared my specialty. Bought some slabs of baby back ribs. And baked it with Hunts BBQ sauce and some butter. Err.. before I forget, of course I boiled them ribs first with salt. :) So they're tender when it's cooked. Heavenly... hehe

Then my younger sister, Pearlie, made pork bola-bola and  spaghetti (Filipino style as John calls it). Meaning, it's sweet. LOL .  

And here comes mama with great tasting crabs, sauteed with garlic and onion. Then tomato sauce and sprite. Yes, I meant the softdrink. :) Who would have thought of it right? I got the recipe from my friend Marlic and shared it with her.  Mama's pork bbq, is out of this world.

So yes, I forgot my diet this christmas. :)

                                                With my nephews, Blaire and Marco.

Another tradition we have is having our midnight prayer. Year after year, that's how we greet Jesus happy birthday. It's such a simple celebration but I would not miss it for the world. :)

The next day, December 25. Mayor Sara posted in facebook saying that there is a low pressure area in Mindanao. Initially, the whole family thought of strolling and just enjoy the view outside Davao. But the rain won't budge. :( We had to cancel it and opted to stay home.

Which worked perfectly for me because I had to email back and forth to clients whom I'm about to close a big sale with the following day.

One special thing that I'll cherish forever is when I told John, I have no gift for him except a hug and a kiss. And he said that it's all he needs. :) Cheesy huh? lol But what is christmas if not spent with someone you love...

December 26 - it's still raining.. Cold and miserable. Specially when you need to work. Good news is that I closed a P16M deal. Hard work does pay off. So I didn't mind working even if I had to run from the rain. hehe... John was with me, but he didn't hit me with an umbrella. ha ha ha

Ok, so I am officially tired of the rain. Don't get me wrong, I love the coolness it brings, specially when there's fog. Awesome right? :)  But 3 days of non-stop slow rain is already getting on my nerves.

Dec. 27 - it looks cloudy today. But at least it's not raining anymore. I hope it will stop finally because some part of Mindanao may have another flashflood due to non-stop raining. God forbid. :( What happened to Cagayan and Iligan was enough...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We finished work around 7pm last night. On our way home, we passed by Mana Davao and I saw the glittering lights. Of course, like the photo addict that I am (ha..ha..) , I took pictures again! What I can,  that is...  While the van was slowly moving due to the traffic. Believe me, people flock to that place every christmas because the lights look magical and joyful...

I've been meaning to go there for quite sometime now but it just wasn't possible. By the time we're done with work, we're so exhausted, we just want to go home and rest. I guess, that's how it is when you're getting old..  I'm speaking for myself of course! ha ha...

Christmas makes me mushy. It always reminds me  that  night when I was a kid. We were very poor back then. Our house didn't even have a floor, it   just had hardened soil. But it always looked nice because my mother is a very wonderful homemaker. Our house, inspite of its poverty, was always clean and tidy.

I remember, I was outside our house, just watching everyone pass by. Then our neighbor, Manong Ladie, came and gave me a peso as his christmas gift. :) That was such a big thing for me that it left a mark in my heart. I remember running towards mama and showing off my gift. :) You know , a simple act of kindness goes a long way.... specially on christmas.

I am crying as I write this, because  it made me realize once again, how lucky and blessed I am. I could still be back in the province, with a hand to mouth existence. But God has brought me to places I've never expected to reach. And has given me more than I need.

So with a thankful heart I give back all the honor to God, for sending his son Jesus Christ. The reason why the whole world is celebrating christmas. :)

Amidst the shimmering lights and the beautiful gifts, I pray that I will always remember the true meaning of christmas. The gift of love from a father to his children. 

I also pray that he will continue to bless me so I can help more people on christmas day and when it is needed.

Thank you My God for this very special gift.

Happy Birthday Jesus. And Merry Christmas to all of us!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pay It Forward

For the past 10 years, blessings have been overflowing. God has showered me blessings that I've never expected to receive and more. So my family and I have started to share a little to the lumads or natives in Buda.

This year though, our brothers and sisters , in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City needed more help. So instead of going to Buda on Christmas, my sister Pearlie and I went to GMA and donated what little we can.

And so I would like to thank the following:

My sister Daisy who sent old clothes, bags and shoes from Tokyo. She does that every year for this purpose.

My sister Pearlie, for the noodles and a sack of old clothes.

My best friend Yvonne G. Salvidge, for the big bag of old clothes.

Mama for another sack of old clothes.

My friends, Emman and Michelle Queng for a sack of "chichiria" (fish and prawn crackers, etc.)

With all those, I just gathered the clothes that I will not be wearing next year and gave it away.  Bought a sack of rice, more noodles and packs of coffee.

Those aren't much. But my family, friends and I am hoping that we're able to help even in a very small way.

Thank you Lord for having spared Davao City from typhoons and other calamities.

                                                                Lea C. Walker

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don't You Wish You Live In Davao?

Typhoon Sendong hit Visayas and Mindanao. Signal # 2 was given to Davao Oriental, Davao Del Norte, Compostela Valley, Davao City and Samal Island. Friends from facebook said that Davao don't get hit with typhoons. But they're worried about what might happen.  

I wasn't. True there was rain. But we're used to that. Infact , yesterday was just a baby rain, compared to the others we've had in the past. But of course, the Coast Guard had to cancel the trip to Samal Island. Just to be safe.

I felt good last night when I went outside our door and smelt the fresh air. :) We had fogs in our neighborhood! I live in a higher ground. With big trees nearby. That's the second time I've seen fogs in our subdivision. I really get excited over that! :)

And then late last night, the rain stopped. So I thought I won't see them fogs again this morning. I was right.. :(

But lo and behold, the sun came out. Cloudy one. It came in different and beautiful colors.

                                                       Taken today at 5:55am.

So you see, this is our typhoon in Davao.   A baby rain with a gift of fogs and a rainbow. Don't you wish you live in Davao right now? :)

I am glad that there are no untoward incidents. And that we're safe....

I also pray that the rest of the affected provinces will be left unscathed after Typhoon Sendong moves on.


December 18, 2011 - Davao City was spared from Typhoon Sendong (Washi) . But Iligan and Cagayan De Oro City was rammed leaving 200 people dead. And about 400 people missing. My heart goes to all the victims. And my condolences to those whose families suffered from kins' deaths. I pray that God will bless you and give you more strength to face this tragedy.  

Thank you Lord , as always, for protecting us, Davaoenos from harm....

                                                        Lea C. Walker

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Party :)

I received a message from the Director for Sales and Marketing of DMC Urban Property Developers, Inc., Engr. Leonora Guitierrez,  that I made it to the Magic 12. I was informed  that we will be awarded during the Thanksgiving Ceremony and Christmas Party at the Grand Menseng Hotel. :)

I was grinning from ear to ear. Of course! Who wouldn't?  hehe..

It was a great surprise and an honor to become a part of the Top Sellers' group. It's nice to find out that what I've worked so hard for during the year was being acknowledged. It encourages me to work even harder the next year...

I am so happy for all the blessings that I've received this year. I remember my free trip to Malaysia and Singapore in May. That was one of the best gifts I've received for being one of the top sellers.  Awesome right? :) On top of that, I've had several free dinners,  parties and incentives from the other developers as well.

And so, I thank God for everything. I thank my clients for doing business with me. I thank my staff and the few agents under me for their hard work as well. Most of all,  I thank John for all the support all these years. He's the wind beneath my wings....

Here are some of the photos we took during that night.

Pearlie with DMC UPDI staff during the registration.

                     A pose before the party started. hehe  At the lobby of Grand Menseng Hotel.

                                               Pearlie , at Granada Hall of Grand Menseng Hotel.

                                                  The party started with a Mass. :)

                                    John, trying to tickle me during the photo op. ha ha ha...

      Amor, my pretty staff. :) Pearlie (her real name is Laura), proudly showing off her check. hehe..

              The big bosses and I, while receiving my plaque and check. :) Thank you Ma'am Nors!

                                           My awards... :) Thank you Lord!

Santa has been very good to me! :)

I have no words, except gratitude to God almighty for the many blessings. Salamat po!

                                                               Lea C. Walker

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bureau of Immigration

I'm often asked by foreign clients about visa extension and where to go. So I thought I'd share a little about it based on my experience with my husband.

John, being a foreigner in the Philippines, was given a 21 day tourist visa when he 1st arrived in the country. Before its expiration date, we always make it a point to visit the Bureau of Immigration for its extension. After the 21 day tourist visa, foreigners are given a 59 day extension. The fee ranges from P2,500.00 - P3,000.00 depending on how long your extension is.

What To Bring:

     2 pcs ID picture (passport size)
     Photocopy of your passport which shows the following:

          * the page where your photo and details are
          * the page where your initial entry to the Philippines is shown
          * the page where your last extension is shown

You only need to fill up the form and pay the corresponding fees then wait for your name to be called upon release of the passport with the latest stamp.

Please note that there is no need to hire either a lawyer or a middle man to do this. It's so easy , you can do it yourself. :)

A foreigner can extend his visa every 59th day to a maximum of one year. I believe that it's been extended to 18 months now. If he/she is not married to a Filipina, the foreigner needs to get out of the country for a few days and when he/she comes back, has to do the same process all over again.

If married to a Filipina, then he can apply for a 13A Visa. That way, he/she only needs to visit the Immigration Office once a year. And of course, pay a small amount once also.

What are the requirements:

   *  Letter of the Filipino spouse addressed to the Commissioner requesting that his/her  husband/wife
       be given a Permanent Resident Visa by way of Marriage.

   *  Marriage Certificate (authenticated by the National Statistics Office)

   *  Certificate of Co-Habitation. (you can get this at the Barangay Captain's Office for a small fee)

         ** The barangay captain will just certify that you are indeed a resident and that it is true that
              you're married to each other and that you live together. :)

   *  Photocopy of Passport (husband and wife)

   *  Original Passports (husband and wife)

   * 2x 2 ID Picture (husband and wife)

   *  Original copy of the Official Receipt

Just submit those at the Immigration Office and wait for the interview.  John and I did this on our own without help from a fixer. It's so easy actually. And contrary to what I've heard, the Davao office of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation is very fast.

John got his 13A Visa (Probationary) , 3 months later. The said visa is good for one year. So before this expires, do the same process all over again.

And then wait for your Permanent Visa. John got his 2 months after the interview. 

So yes, it is easy and fast. Again, there is no need to pay for a fixer. :) 

The office of the Bureau of Immigration is located in J.P. Laurel Avenue (locally known as Bajada). It is the building across Victoria Plaza Mall.

                                                            Lea C. Walker 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sick and Bored...

La la la... la la la... la la la...

Yes, I am so bored. I'm not used to staying home for days doing nothing. Gawd... this is killing me! Let me tell you why...

Wednesday -

I met with an expat looking for a house to rent. So I showed him 2 of the houses that fit his requirements. The problem was it rained the whole day. So while I was showing him the  houses, I got wet.  (John told Boyet, our driver, to hit me on the head with an umbrella next time..) LOL. Can't blame him. It's difficult to raise a child huh?! haha

Thursday   -

Life continued. That means , work galore , like nothing happened. I thought that the   "arthritis-like" pain in my body was just due to old age. You know, when you're 40 and all.  :)

Before the day ended, I called up Grace ( a friend , married to another foreigner) and asked her if she wanted to watch, New Year's Eve with me. I'm glad she said yes  because I so love the movie. It's heartwarming and like any chick flicks , has a happy ending... Did I tell you that I hate movies with sad endings? You know, like one of the  major actors/actresses die? Errr... it's supposed to entertain me! Not make me cry.. So yep, I hate one like that.

So John, Gary (Grace's husband. He is also an American, like John), Grace and I had had dinner in Abreeza. I love the smoking hot bangus in one of the stalls at the food court. Sorry I forgot the name. But when you're in Abreeza, check that place. You won't regret it!

Grace and I went  to Theatre # 3 for the pre-screening of the "New Year's Eve". We were given popcorn and ice tea before they let us in. :)  Thank you  Smart for the tickets. ( Therese, thank you for being patient with me. And for bringing the invites to our office when you were sure that I couldn't meet you.. Really appreciate it!)

After watching the movie, John and Gary  met with us. You know, I really thought they would go somewhere for 2 hours and maybe drink a couple of beers.. But I was surprised that they just stayed in Abreeza.  I found out that they just went to the hardware store. (That's like shopping for us, girls!) And  Abreeza Residences' showroom.

I am glad though because that's when I started to get really sick..

Going to the basement parking of Abreeza felt like a punishment... I was so glad when I finally sat down in the van and rested my feet. Then, I started chilling. I was so hot but I got chilled to the bones. Gee..what a terrible feeling. I can't remember the last time I got that sick.

By the time we reached home, I was already half asleep. I remember John giving me Ibuprofen before going to bed.

Friday  -

My fever went up to 38 degrees. But after that, the fever broke. But the stomach cramping started. Also the d...rrhea.  So I couldn't leave home. It's making me feel like I am under house arrest. What's worst is that I have no appetite. I'm not even hungry. Weird...

So I just slept. And watched tv. And cried over an old movie - "Hachiko". It's a story of a dog in Japan who loyally waited for his master at the train station for 10 years until he died. He didn't understand that his master died and is no longer coming back. So he came back day after day, sat at the same spot and waited.. . Really sad right?  So the Japanese made a statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, Japan for his loyalty.

I thought that I'd go there and take a picture of him when I visit  Japan someday. (John laughed when I told him that. ) I mean, you know, I'm sick and yet I'm still thinking of going somewhere else. haha..

Sunday - 5:00 a.m.

I'm feeling a little better now. To: Dr. Cagape, thank you for the meds. It's helping..

I seldom get sick. So it came as a surprise. It's very inconvenient though. I had to cancel my appointments and all...

I'm just glad that it's almost over. I'm praying that I'll be fine in a couple more days. Being sick on Christmas just does not work! And I wish that the stomach cramps would go away too.. :)

I am so glad that I have an online diary where I can babble and share my thoughts.. Life is good. And I should not complain. :)

                                                          Lea C. Walker

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rebonding... (The Allan Alforque Way)

Ha! I am so happy. :) I finally had the chance to have my hair done. Vain right? hehe... But if you're a woman, you will understand....

If you noticed, for months now, I've just been tying my hair. That's because it needed much help and since I cannot sit for a long time (5 hours at least) to do this hair "thing", I had no choice but tie it into a knot.

So yesterday, I had that chance. And I chose to go to Allan Alforque Salon in Torres St. It's my first time with them so I had no idea what to expect. Except that I hear his name on tv often. Since he's famous, what could go wrong?! Plus of course, they're having christmas promo. So clients get really good discount. I am very stingy, so if I see a discount, that's where I am. hehe... I mean seriously, if you can get a good service for a cheaper price, why not? :)

The verdict? I so love it! 

Let me tell you why..

The staff were very friendly. And very professional. They analyze what your hair needs and then they ask you if it's ok with you. And since, I just want my hair to look good again, I said yes! :)

It's quiet. I felt like I was in a spa, resting... They had music playing but it's not a blaring sound. I don't like it when they talk to you and you have to shout to hear each other. That's not relaxing at all. Specially if you have to sit there for hours.

The place was spacious.  And they had comfortable sofas where you can sleep, if you want to, while waiting for the medicine to sink in. :) And since it's big, even if people come and go, it doesn't feel crowded. At all.

I met Allan for the first time. You'd think he has an attitude because he has a name in the hairstyling industry in Davao, but he's funny. And so game. haha... He even posed with me.

                                                     With my hairstylist, Mikmik. :)

                                                         With Allan Alforque...

                                                     He is cool! haha

                   Mikmik and Nash on both ends, they took care of my hair. Salamat kaayo! :) 

                                      The whole team, with Allan Alforque.

If you're looking for a salon in Davao, you might want to visit them.

      Allan Alforque Salon
      Lam Bldg., Torres St., (across Assumption Church/ beside BIR)
      Tel. Nos. 3004065 / 3030772
      Cel. No.  09209020790/ 09228933127

Incidentally, Allan Alforque Salon For Men, will be opened to the public soon. It's located in Sta. Ana Avenue (near The Pinnacle Hotel).

Thank you guys for repairing my hair! :) Now I'm sporting a long, shiny black hair.  That's one good christmas gift to myself.

What about you, what's your gift to yourself this christmas? :)

                                                                Lea C. Walker

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas! :)

Yey, Christmas is just around the corner. A few more days and it's holiday once again. :) I just love this season. The songs, the misa de gallo... Everything just seems to be really light and everyone's in such a good mood. Life, generally is wonderful , on Christmas time.

You know, for years now, Davao City has not celebrated christmas or new year's eve with firecrackers. It's literally against the law. So it's so quiet. But most importantly, there are no records of kids being hurt and no untoward incidents during the season relating to firecrackers.

But we , more than make up for it, by having all of these:


... is an antique shop whose owner/s (they say it's owned by Dawn Zulueta? Not sure, if it's true ) make it a point to present to us Dabawenyos an array of beautiful christmas trees and lights every year, regardless of the cost. I maybe wrong but from what I've seen, its budget is at least Php500,000.00 . That's how grand it is!

 It's located along J.P. Laurel Avenue. Every passers by can't help it but stop and take photos of it. It has become a tradition for them and for us, spectators to go there each year and enjoy the scene.

Yesterday, when I passed by, I saw that they are preparing already. It opens on the eve of Misa De Gallo. From the looks of it, it's another spectacular presentation! :)

The photos below were taken on December, 2010. I'm excited to see the new one.  It opens soon... I will surely share it with you guys! :)


For the first time, Pasko Fiesta was celebrated in Davao last year. It started with a float parade showcasing different christmas lights.  Local companies joined the activity and of course, me being a photography addict - I made sure that I was there. Not alone but with the rest of the family. As usual. haha


When my cousin , Jhing from Singapore visited last year, we took her to the People's Park. I wanted to upload the video I took of the musical fountain because it's so beautiful and fun to watch. But it won't load. :( I don't know why... Sigh.. So I'll just share with you some of the photos I took then.

                                  The musical fountain. Too bad the video won't upload. :(

If you come to Davao, make sure that you visit the People's Park.  Specially during Christmas Season. The fountain works its magic beautifully then.. It's just at the back of Apo View Hotel, in downtown Davao.

Twenty or so years ago, Davao was a mess. But VM Rody R. Duterte (our mayor for the last 20 years) came and changed everything. If not for him, Davao will not be as progressive as it is right now. Thanks to him, we have lots of developments in the city. Thus, giving millions of Dabawenyos their jobs . And upgraded all our lives in the process.

Mabuhay ka Davao!  I am praying for a very "Merry" Christmas and a fruitful New Year for all of us...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Davao Oriental (Surfing And More)

It rained the previous night. So I woke up feeling cold. It's 4:16 in the morning but I thought I was just on time. I checked and sent emails, prepared breakfast and got ready to meet my family. We're going to Davao Oriental today to visit Lola Nene. Yey! :) And look for some other missing relatives. Been searching for them for quite sometime now, but no one could tell us where they moved to. :(  Sigh...

We left Davao around 7 a.m. Thirty minutes later, we were already in Madaum, Tagum City. I noticed the mountains covered with fogs and thick clouds. So I told Dandan to stop so I can take pictures. :) That's the photography addict in me. lol

              Madaum, Tagum City. (This is the same road going to Banana Beach Resort.)

Around 10:00am, we reached Lupon , Davao Oriental. We had to stop at the public market to buy rice, pork liempo and spices. We thought of having grilled pork for lunch. That's easy to prepare so it will save us time. :) Then we proceeded to Sumlog where my lola lives. Since it was raining, the farm was so quiet. Everybody was in their respective houses, probably trying to sleep. But we disturbed the peace.. ha ha.. So my aunts, lola and cousins went out to greet us. It was a surprise visit you see, so they had no idea we were arriving. Auntie Pauling said, why didn't you call? I said, it's not a surprise anymore! hehe..

While Dandan, Gerry and our other cousins were preparing lunch, a vendor came along. Bringing with him very fresh fish and squid. I love eating "adobong pusit" specially when it's very fresh! :) So I bought a kilo of those. Some for lunch and the rest for lola's consumption. She's already very old but she still works at the farm. She does not want to stay with us in the city because she misses her home. So we just try to visit her when we can. We were told a few days ago that she fell. And hit the floor face down. :( So her face got covered with bruises. She's been falling a lot lately. So she worries us. Maybe her balance is off because of her age? I don't know... John bought her a walking stick years ago and somehow it helps.

               Lola looks very fragile these days. Dandan and Blaire with her.

Time was spent for chatting. Kumusta-han, etc.. :) And of course, I had to check my pigs. I was told weeks before that one of them is pregnant. So I was really excited! The last time we visited lola I bought 2 piglets because my aunt offered to take care of them for me. That's her business, you see. She gets a share when babies are born, etc.. For me, I don't know what I'm going to do with them. Maybe let them grow into a piggery or make a "lechon" (roasted pig) out of them. hahaha.. Gee, I should be more health conscious with my age now right? Masarap daw kasi ang bawal.. Hay naku!

Then it's time for lunch. Everyone around joined us. So it was noisy and fun. lol

After lunch, we bade goodbye. Mama told lola that we're going to look for our other relatives. So she prayed for us and our safety.

An hour later, the lead turned out to be wrong. According to the neighbors, my other aunts left years ago. And moved to a remote farm. We have no idea where. Maybe we will see them again someday, when we least expect it. Sometimes, life works that way..

Since it's still early, we all decided to go to Mati, Davao Oriental. The kids wanted to swim in the beach. The rain stopped earlier so we thought , why not. :)

Finally we arrived in Dahican, Mati. I love the long stretch of white sand beach and its clear waters. But the waves are big. Blaire and Marco had so much fun watching the surfers that they decided not to swim anymore. Both are good swimmers but I think they got cold. It was windy , that's why...


                                                      Riding the waves!

A pose with Pinggoy and Dagol. They said that they're surfing because there's no class that day. Both of them are now in 3rd year High School in Dahican. :) I just had to interview them because I was so impressed! You'll understand when you see the photos below.

See.. Pinggoy and Dagol were on air for a few seconds! Cool right? We vowed to go back there in the future and learn how to surf. hehe.. I wonder if my old bones can still take it. Blaire and Marco would love it, I'm sure. Matt and Franco would too, but they're both studying in Japan...

Of course, our get-away would not be complete without picture taking right? haha

                                                    Family's sandy portrait.. lol

                                               Pearlie with Dagol in the background.

                                            Pearlie and Wemce.

                                          Nanay Ligaya and Mama.. My travel buddies. :)

Dandan, Gerry, Pinggoy, Ruben and Dagol.

You'd think we were done already right? :) But no, we're not.. Me huling hirit pa! haha

                                   Sunset in Punta Linao, Davao Oriental.

                                   The grotto near the boundary of Dav Or and Compostela Valley.

                                             Punta Linao Road and rocky mountain.

By the time we reached Tagum City, it was already dark.

We thought that since we're already there, we should do a side trip to see their famous christmas tree. :) Why not right?!

                                                           Lea C. Walker