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Friday, May 18, 2012

Word Press

Hello my friends!

I would like to thank all of you for having read my blog for a year now. :)

No, I am not going to stop blogging. But I bought me a new web address. And it's -

Please follow me there. :)

Thank you again for sharing a wonderful year of blogging with all of you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Let Your Money Work For You

I started blogging on May 2011. :) This month is my blog's 1st year anniversary. I am so happy that my cousin introduced me to the world of blogging because it gave me an outlet.

Writing down my thoughts and emotions helps me relax. While photography releases all the tensions and pressures away..

Having been exposed to the world of blogging, I've met bloggers in person and online. I love to read their travel stories and experiences. And one thing that keeps coming up is the issue on earning while travelling.

Now, I am not a tech savvy gal. :) I may be some kind of a geek , I think. But I don't think I will be able to earn online like the other travel bloggers do while travelling. I just find that soooo cool. So hat's off ako to all the bloggers out there who left their works behind so they can pursue their passion in travelling.

I cannot do what they are doing now. :) But I am slowly but surely trying to ease my way off the business. No don't get me wrong.. I am not going to close our business. Not gonna happen! Thank God.

So what am I talking about?

The past years, my husband and I have been investing in properties. Every chance and opportunity we get, we buy. You know why? Because real estate appreciates. Specially land.

The prices may be low today but it's not gonna stay like that forever. In Davao and Samal Island, there has been at least 10-20% increase in the last 2 years. So the value of your investment, (based on the present trend) will double in 5 to 10 years. And I am talking of conservative growth. Davao, like I said, is booming. So there is a demand for commercial lots these days. If one has invested years ago, there might be a chance for it to get rented or sold at double/triple the price now.

What I am saying is - let your money work for you!

Never let it sleep in the bank.

You get 3.5% - 5% interest per annum/ year  for a P1M time deposit. While you can get at least  10% increase on the real estate value per year. Duh, that's a no brainer right? If you know how to handle your money right, you get to earn more than double of your investment in  five year's time. I did that. So no one can tell me that it's not true. It is possible.

I used to be a currency trader. But the risk is just too high. So I will never recommend that to anybody again. Yes, it earns a lot. But you lose fast too. That's why it's called calculated gambling.

Stock Market? Yep, I would do that. But only on  a long term basis. For Filipinos, think of Jollibee , Ayala Land, Inc. etc. 

But let me reiterate, there is money in Real Estate. Invest . Let it sleep. Then sell...

While you're busy travelling and spending money, of course. Your investment is working and earning for you.

And I'm not talking about a measly amount too...

So think smart.

One. Invest. Invest. Invest. In Real Estate if you can.

Two. Only borrow when you know for sure that the money you borrowed will earn more than the interest you are paying. IF NOT, THEN RUN... :)

Err.. it goes without saying not to borrow to buy an expensive cellphone, ipad, etc.

I listened to a cooperative seminar a few months ago. Something the speaker said stuck in my mind. They have a travel loan for the members.

I was thinking, who would borrow to travel?  I mean seriously?

If you can't afford to travel then stay put! With the economy going down all over the world, stick to the money you have. Do not borrow unnecessarily..

My husband often tells me that I am "kuripot". To my non-filipino readers, it means "stingy". I am thinking, I am not. Really. I just know what I need and what I want. If I need something, that's when I buy. If it's something I just want and can live without, then I don't. Simple. Right?

Yes, I maybe working too hard now. But in between, I stop and go to places like Hagimit Falls. Or the beach. I stop and write. To relax.

But my long term goal is to harvest what we planted over the years. Then, I can afford to travel the whole world without working. :)

Isn't that best?

This is all in God's hands. So I am asking for his continued blessings. I am praying for you too.. Maybe someday we will meet around the globe huh?! :)

                                                            Lea C. Walker

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soothing One's Soul at Hagimit Falls

A friend of mine called up and said that she's entertaining a friend from the US who wants to see Hagimit Falls in Samal Island. She asked if John and I would like to join them.

I said, perfect! :) I gladly welcome the short break because if you remember, I've been sick the past weeks. John got my flu too. And we couldn't really rest because we had work to do.

We met up  near the ferry boat port past 2 pm. My friends came from Costa Marina, another beautiful beach resort in Limao, Penaplata. While John and I came from our farm in Kinawitnon.

The trip took about 15 mins on a concrete national highway. After paying the entrance fee of P40.00 , off we went to the waterfalls.

When we reached the water, John took off his shoes. :) And waded his feet in the river.

While Ruby and I continued onwards. We crossed the bridge and reached this small cascade. I could hear Ruby shreiking, oh my god... I didn't know Hagimit is this beautiful. :)

I proudly said yep! :)

And I'm glad I became the tour guide that day. It was my way of saying thank you to Samal island for giving me such wonderful memories. And of course, our main business is here.

I told them that it's best to visit Hagimit Falls on a weekday because it's not filled with people. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that tourism is booming in Samal. But when you want to commune with nature, it is best if it's quiet so you can hear the soothing sound of the waterfalls. Feel the soft touch of the breeze as it gently releases the tiredness of your body and soul.

He.he.. emo moment eto. :) But it's true. For me, at least...

I saw John watching the other pool of water. So I clicked my camera for a shot as I called his name. He said that he likes the milky blue color of Hagimit. And yeah, I never thought of it before as that.. milky blue. We all wondered why. I said maybe it's because of the limestone underneath? haha..

Whatever it is we all fell inlove with Hagimit, that's for sure....

                                             John, loving the ambiance at Hagimit Falls..

     Just looking at it makes me realize how blessed we all are.. This is a free gift from God.

As we continued on, Ruby and I found this spot. Vincent, her friend took this photo of her as she touched the clear water.

                                     Photo Courtesy of A. Vincent.

We immediately took off our shoes ,  sat at the river bank and let the water soak our feet. We were laughing because we don't know if the dirt in our clothes can still be cleaned. But we didn't mind, the place is so beautiful , you'd be so dense if you won't love every bit of it...

        I love the rustic bridge...

The milky blue water of Hagimit Falls.

Our friends, Ruby and Vincent.

Before leaving, I took these photos of Hagimit in the dark. The place is covered with bamboos, coconuts, huge trees and all that. I've always thought that it would be scary to stay there in the dark, but I was wrong...

In fact it was relaxing. I could hear the crickets. :) And the birds singing..

As we headed back to the parking space, I saw some people who were staying there overnight. Each cottage was provided with a torch. So authentic right? :) Going back to the basic, literally...

We left past 6pm. Going up the stairs in the dark was difficult but we didn't mind.

And no, it's not dangerous here. :)  When you're in Davao or Samal Island, you're safe. So you don't worry of safety issues, etc.

So if your plan is to commune with nature, I suggest that you head towards Hagimit Falls this summer. Oh my god.. I can still remember the cool water gently rocking my feet and healing me. Life is so busy and our minds are so filled with all the clutters in the world.

But at the end of the day, it's how you find time to be silent and listen to your heart and to what the universe is telling you. It makes it all the more memorable if it's shared with the people that matters to you...

In my case, I was lucky enough to have shared this beautiful moment with my husband and friends...I shrieked when I fell .. haha.. John worriedly ran towards me. But I told him I was fine and so is my camera. hahaha... Ruby helped me get up while Vincent took a picture of me. That was really funny.

All in all, it was a moment to remember. Hagimit was a witness to our shared happiness and joy...

Thank you Hagimit Falls for a wonderful afternoon.

We will surely be back....

                                                           Lea C. Walker

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Sunset Cruise

On our way to Samal Island yesterday, I noticed the new advertisement at the ferry port. :)

The Venue Party Boat is hosting a Mother's Day Sunset Cruise! Sweet right? I texted my sister, Pearlie , and asked if we should take mama to this cruise. She said that mama would like to be in the beach, rather than sailing. Ok, so the sunset cruise is out for our mom.

But your mommies might like this. So here are the details...

It's scheduled on Sunday, 13  May 2012. Sailing Time is 5pm.

Check the food choices that day:

 Main Course:  Baby Back Ribs
                          Chicken Parmigiana
                          Baked Fish in White Sauce
                          Gratineed Vegetables
                          Plain Rice

Soup               : Mussels in Saffron Cream

Salad              : Mixed Greens with Grilled Shrimps and Honey Mustard Dressing

Carvery          : Roast Beef (Rib Eye)

Dessert           : Cream Puffs / Fresh Fruits

Yummy right?! So if you have no schedule yet, book now for your Mother's Day Celebration. :)

            Telephone No. : 275 8273
            Cellphone No. : 09189354278

The Venue Party Boat is located at Sasa Ferry Wharf, Km. 11 Sasa, Davao City.

                                                          Lea C. Walker

Friday, May 4, 2012

Karlo's Gourmet And Coffee

We had a very long day yesterday. So when we passed through Shrine Hills in Matina going home, John and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Jack's Ridge.

Upon parking, we saw Karlo's Gourmet. So John and I went there instead, thinking that we always go to Taclobo restaurant anyway. :)

The airconditioned area looks nice. But we preferred to sit at the verandah where we could feel the hill's fresh air. Plus of course, you get to see a fantastic view of Davao Gulf!

It was a little bit dark yesterday but the panoramic vista infront of me still stood out despite its cloudiness.


                             Hamburger with fried potatoes.. Looks yummy right? :)

                                   Pork Steak with garlic rice. Heaven... hehe

Who would think that we just had a terrible day... :) Thanks to the waiter who offered to take this      photo of me and John.


I've always loved Jack's Ridge. It's relaxing to dine there with the view and the fresh air. But Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee , was impressive. The service was fast and good.

Jack's Ridge is located in Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City.

                                                         Lea C. Walker

PS. This is not a paid advertisement. :) And so are the rest of the reviews in my blog.