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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Our day started early. The bus driver had to pick us up early from the hotel because it's Singapore's election day, therefore it's a holiday. A lot of people might be travelling to Malaysia and the immigration office might be busy. So to avoid a long line, we made sure that we're at the border earlier than most.

Before reaching the border, we had to stop for fuel. There were several porches parked at the gasoline station, so all of us went down and posed with those gorgeous cars. haha.. Kinda cheap huh?! Oh well, it was fun... And nobody knows us anyways! haha...

Our visit to the immigration office was fast. We just handed our passports, had our baggages checked and then we went back to the bus already. Then we reached the border. The bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia, reminded of the San Juanico Bridge connecting Samar and Leyte. (Will share about that trip sometime in the future...)
After crossing the bridge, we stopped at the first restaurant we saw. I guess the driver and Mr. Singh (our tour guide) know the owner, that's why we were brought there.

I was amazed that they have fried "bolinao" there! :) Since we had no idea what most of the food were, we had to keep on asking. The boy with his little english, kept on telling us "potato" , on most of the fried "something" there.. lol Only to find out that one those "somethings" are fried bananas. hahaha I just found that really funny. I guess, that's the only english word he knows... It was difficult to know exactly what that was because it looked like "empanada".. In the Philippines, you would assume that it's meat with vegetables inside. But abroad, it can be a lot of other things right? Things that I might not want to put in my mouth.. John told me that I will go hungry when we do our Asian trip later this year because I'm so picky. I told him that I cannot eat something I do not know. I'm sorry, some food there looked different. When we go to a fast food in our country, the food looks delicious right? Whether it tastes delicious or not, is everyone's guess.. hehe. But they surely look delicious. But one look at the food there, I know I wouldn't want to taste them. So I try to stick to things I know, specially when I'm very hungry.

The bus trip to Malaysia was a long journey. It's like travelling from Davao to Cagayan De Oro. It's at least 6 hours. The good news though is that their roads are impeccable. It's so clean and wide. And it does not need repairs (hehe.. unlike in our country).. It won't need it for a very long time , I believe.
The view reminded me of Agusan because of the Palm Tree Plantation. For hours, that's what you will see. Kinda boring I guess for some people. But for me, any new experience, is exciting.

Lea C. Walker

Monday, May 30, 2011

Singapore's Tourist Destinations 2

At Oceanarium, Sentosa Underwater World, Singapore
The first time I went to Singapore was in 2007 with my husband, John. I remember wondering why there was still daylight even at 8:00 in the evening. In the Philippines, 6pm is already dark. Singapore is just a 4 hour trip from Davao so I did not expect the difference. :)

We stayed there for a week so we were able to visit several places. We took our time enjoying every bit of it.

I've learned that the best way to familiarize yourself in a new place is to walk. We stayed around Orchard Road so we were able to visit several malls.

But what really interested him was Sim Lim Square. This building houses at least a hundred shops selling computer stuff... :) While he was busy at Sim Lim Square, I explored at the nearby Bugis Market. Unlike John, I am not a computer geek :) So shopping for computer gadgets isn't my thing.

I am so glad I walked towards Bugis Market because I love the place! I bought several trinkets and tshirts for pasalubong. I can't believe how cheap they were considering the quality of the products I bought. I found also a jade bracelet and pendant . (which by the way still looks nice until now - did not fade at all) I bought them both for 10 singapore dollars. That's about P350.00 pesos only. Not bad right? :) I think that's the technique, enjoy browsing the available products at a local market. And haggle with a smile! :) Believe me, you can never go wrong!

The next day was our scheduled trip to Sentosa. This island used to be a forest but Singapore developed it into a sprawling mega theme park with famous attractions such as the Underwater world, cable ride, etc. I loved the Dolphin Show! They looked so cute when they playfully cooperated with the people and the show incharge. :)

The ocean park was amazing. :) The walk through tunnel made me feel like I was really underwater watching the fishes. What I love the most were the colorful school of tropical fishes. The sharks looked scary and I'm glad that I'm not really in the water with them... hehe. Then there's dugong , stingrays, giant crabs, etc.

Of course, sentosa trip isn't complete without the cable ride, right? LOL... I have fear of heights. I hate it, i hate it, i hate it... But being the adventurous me, I couldn't let this opportunity pass without knowing how it feels to be in a cable car. John asked me several times if I was sure.. I kept telling him (or myself?) that yes, I was sure! haha

The moment we entered the car, there was no looking back... If I looked pale, I think the other tourist infront of me looked like she's drained with blood. And then I realized that it wasn't that bad, after all.. I was told not to look down, but I couldn't help it. The view was so beautiful!

The cable trip was short and beautiful. Even if i'm scared of heights, it didn't bother me as much. But of course, I told myself that since I've hurdled it, I will never, ever try it again... Or so
I thought .. But that's another story... Sometime in the future , I'll tell you about it.

One of the experiences that amazes me is the fountain of wealth. We were told that one has to go around the fountain 3 times and make a wish. I didn't know if it will come true or not, but what am I to lose if I try it right? :) Looking back now, I believe that most of what I prayed/wished for really came true. Maybe it's destiny , written in the stars, however you may call it and maybe the fountain of wealth has nothing to do with it, but it worked for me. :)


I've never been to a zoo that big. The whole place according to wikipedia is only 28 hectares. But when you try to walk through it, it seems massive. ha ha.. That was one of the best experiences I had during the trip. For the first time , I've seen a polar bear. :) A gorgeous white tiger. A romantic giraffe.. hehe.

Singapore is such a fun place to visit when you want to go on vacation. Everything is tailored for the tourists' satisfaction. So it's easy to get a tour of the island even if you have no prior bookings. Just get a leaflet from the hotel receptionist and they'll gladly help you book the tour you want to join.. Plus the place is so clean and safe! :)

I'd go there again, given the chance, anytime...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Real Estate in Davao, Philippines

This year is my 12th anniversary in Real Estate. Over the years, I have seen the prices of the lots in an exclusive community  sky rocket from P3k per sqm to a maximum of Php15k per sqm. Let's take Ladislawa Garden Village as an example, a decade ago, the price at Php2,700.00 per sqm was considered expensive. :) Those who did not buy realized that they made a big mistake because as I said the going rate nowadays is between Php14k to Php15k per sqm.

Back then, Cabantian and Buhangin areas were just this simple little barangays with nothing in it.  I remember the first time I went to Cabantian, the road looked like a trail. :) But now, it houses some of the best subdivisions in Davao City, ie: Rancho Palos Verdes (if you like to play golf, you would love the golf course here) , Northcrest  , Priscilla Estate 1 and II, Cecilia Heights 1 and II and Chula Vista.

With all these developments, commercial buildings were constructed. So now, there are  24 hour convenience stores owned by Central Warehouse and NCCC. There's also mercury drug, Merco (for those who want cakes and pastries) and there's even an ATM machine in the neighborhood now! Of course, the afternoon wet market is a big help to those who do not buy from the grocery stores in downtown. It seems like there are gasoline stations also in every corner. he..he At the moment, I would say that these subdivisions are the nearest to downtown Davao. Why? because traffic isn't that bad in this area. Your precious time won't be eaten on the road for traffic to move. Don't get me wrong, traffic is nothing compared to Manila. But since we're used to not having that, we get tired of waiting.. hehe. I guess, Davaoenos are just spoiled huh?!

Well, what can you do.. Davao is such a beautiful place to live in. Crime rate is lower than most cities. So that's a huge factor. You can walk at nights knowing that no one will mug you. Just don't bring drugs to Davao ok? And you'll be fine! :)

We're blessed with bountiful harvest so we have a very long list of different fruits all year round - durian (tastes like heaven but smells like hell :) , pomelo, mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, mango, etc. And then there's seafood. If you go to Bankerohan or Agdao markets, you'll find fresh crabs and prawns for at least P280.00 per kilo ($6.50) . Deep sea fishes like tuna, malasugue, pampano, etc are also very common here. Of course, who wouldn't want to grill "isda sa bato" as my father calls them..

Most of all, we don't have typhoons! We have floods due to drainage clogging when there's a strong rain but no , we have no super typhoons in Davao.

Those are the reasons why Davao City real estate is in demand. And why the prices continue to go up.

There's a catch though, foreigners who are not married to a Filipino citizen cannot buy land in our country. Some people will tell you there's a way around it, but I say, there's none. Unless you're willing to part with your hard earned money by taking the risk. I won't . You'll end up being the biggest loser when you lose your house. So if you're a single foreigner or a couple who wants to retire in Davao, I suggest that you check the condominium units being sold nowadays. We have:

   Palmetto Place in Maa -

   Magallanes Condo, LinMarr, Camella Northpoint and One Oasis

Those you can buy in your name and have it titled under your name without hassle and headache!

For my kababayans who work abroad, all subdivisions in Davao offer , really good payment schemes these days. Thanks to the competitive market, we can now get  20% downpayment payable in:

    24 months for - Villa Azalea in Maa (we have a few units left)

    18 months for - Villa Senorita in Maa

    12 months for - Villa Monte Maria in Catalunan Grande
                              Hacienda , Bambu Estate, Residencia Del Rio in Catalunan Pequeno
                              Grace Park in Matina Pangi

     3 months for -  Monteritz in Maa
                              La Vista Monte in Matina Balusong

     * NOTE - Please check the House for Sale section of . You'll find the
                      detailed computations there.

From what I've written above, you can already surmise that Davao is booming. :) Specially the real estate industry. And no, there's no chance (unless there's a catastrophe beyond our control, God forbid!), no chance at all that prices will drop.

So I invite you all, think of investing now. You will not regret it!

Mabuhay and welcome to Davao, my beloved City! :)

Lea C. Walker


Friday, May 27, 2011

Singapore's Tourist Destinations

On our 2nd day in Singapore, our travel guide gave us a City Tour. First stop was the Merlion Park. Walking towards the merlion park, we passed by this beautiful garden and crossed a victorian type bridge which I found perfect for picture taking. :) Of course, every vacation isn't complete without pictures right? So I looked for a place where I could get a good angle of the bridge. Then, a tourist boat passed by which made it so beautiful to me. :)

Our tourist guide explained that the government people decided to take down the "daddy" merlion so they can replace it with a hotel. So what's left now is this baby merlion.

The Merlion place is surrounded by big buildings famous for their architectural design. I love the Marina Bay Sands hotel whose amenities are housed on a shiplike structure on top of the 3 hotel buildings. Then, there's "The Palm", which is Singapore's library and science center , I think? hehe... I should have listened more to our tourist guide huh?

                                     Beautiful right? Whoever built this is a genius, as far as I am concerned. :)

These are some of the modern buildings around the Merlion Park.

On our way out, I saw this gorgeous watch tower!



After visiting the merlion park, we were brought to a gem store. Their products , made of different gemstones were very intricately carved, they look so astounding!



National Orchid Garden:

Our last stop for the day was the National Orchid Garden. I love it, specially their souvenir store which sells a gold plated "adjustable necklace".. :) I love their orchids, but since I come from Davao, our orchids here are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth! I'm exaggerating I think? haha... But who haven't heard of waling-waling? Davao is famous for that!


Exotic Flowers

Ahhh.. this is why I love travelling. There are so many things to see, it seems like a lifetime, isn't enough to explore all of them...


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Universal Studios

In my previous blog, I mentioned that we went to Universal Studios. The last time I was in Singapore, US wasn't there yet. So I "sort of" wondered what's in store for me when I get there. Of course, I searched online about the place. :) And so I knew that there's Hollywood, Jurassic Park, Battlestar Galactica (which I love, except the last part of the series - it became a little O.A. for me..) , Ancient Egypt , the Land of Far, Far Away, Madagascar , etc. It's different though when you are there. So I'll try to share with you my experiences... one by one. :)


Ahh.. the world of entertainment! I loved watching their shows. The actors, actresses and their singers are commendable. It's like watching "That's Entertainment" (the show I watched from our neighbor's TV when I was growing up) .

John and I with Betty Boop

This Sci-Fi show will always be a classic one for me. Who would ever forget the battle between the humans and the cylons? That's what the 2 roller coasters at the BG station represent. One for the humans and one for the cylons (the robot enemy of the humans, for those who haven't watched Battlestar Galactica...)

The red mannequin at the back of John is known as SIX in the series , Battlestar Galactica. :) Check the cylon in the tshirt being held by John, scary huh?! Can you imagine being hunted by that? Gawd..

The statues they built here are awesome! It's like being in a pyramid in Egypt.


These are mostly rides for the children. If you want to take the boat ride, do not forget to bring a raincoat. The water looks brown, that's why.. :) The children, I'm sure, will not care. haha They're in the world of Dinosaurs , after all!

John with the dinosaur. LOL

The Dino ride... I know my nephews will love this!

I am sure all of us have heard of SHREK , right? This is it! Their kingdom... :)


So now you understand why tourists flock by the millions to Singapore. This "entertainment package" alone rakes in at least 100,000 visitors on a monthly basis! 

I'll blog more of our Singapore trip next time.. For now, I hope you enjoy my travelogue! :)

Lea C. Walker

Singapore Trip

I was given a Travel Incentive for reaching the sales quota last year. So off I went to Singapore and Malaysia with John and the rest of the awardees.

I cannot help but laugh when I remember the things we experienced during the trip. The trip from Davao to Cebu was uneventful. And I would like to thank my co-sales directors who offered their seat just to ensure that John and I sat adjacent to each other on the plane. Thank you. :)
For whatever reason, Cebu Pacific was late that day. And so we arrived in Cebu more than an hour late. The plane for Singapore could not leave because of us. Of course, if they did, we would have been mad, really really mad.. haha. It wasn't our fault that they were late right? So it's just proper for them to wait for all of us!

Imagine us, running from one end of the airport to the other. Obviously there was a short cut, but since were no directions , we got lost. All 19 of us were given the last call already when we finally found the terminal we were supposed to board in. :)

The trip to Singapore took 3 hours from Cebu. It was already midnight when we reached there. We were picked up by our tour guide and was brought to the hotel by bus. The hotel was in a small road and we were told that the bus could not get in there, so we took our luggages and rolled them in to the hotel. Only to find out that we're at the wrong one. If we weren't so tired then, we would all have laughed about it. But we were, tired , that is... And sleepy. And hungry. So we could no longer maintain our sense of humor.

After rolling our luggages to the bus again and a few more streets later, the tour guide found the hotel. Our hearts sank. We were put in a hotel at the red light district of Singapore. You'd see the prostitutes around you, young and old alike. When I say old, I mean, at least 40 year old women. You'd think I am kidding right? But no I am not. They're really old. And I felt sad for them. Some were Filipinas too. :(

After checking in, we were just so glad because we could finally sleep. And then we reached our room. I started to laugh... very hard. It was either that or I would cry. The room was so small. And the bathroom, think about this... I stood on the floor while I washed my hair in the bathtub. That's how small the bathroom and the bathtub was.
The next day, on board the bus going to Sentosa, everybody was so excited! Despite the lack of sleep and the uncomfortable hotel room, we all decided to have fun. :) I know Ma'am Estela, being patient and all, tried not to get angry with the travel agency who made all the arrangements. We were promised a different hotel, remember? But the agency messed up, unintentionally or (intentionally? so they'll earn more?)... Tsk.. tsk. I guess we will never find out.
On the way to Sentosa, I took lots of photos. The more pictures I took, the more I realized how behind our country is compared to this small island. We used to be richer than them right? But corruption happened, so we got left behind. It seems like it will take ages for President Noy to help the Philippines recover the lost wealth... Uh-uh, I am on vacation, so I continued to take more photos and forced myself to focus on it..
Finally we reached Universal Studios. :) The last time I went to Singapore, Universal Studios wasn't there yet. So like a child, I was so excited to explore the unknown..

I was so amazed with the whole place. I wondered how much they spent on it? Again, I wished that we'd have an international investment this big in the Philippines! The whole place is packed with people from all over the world. Can you imagine how much income our country will earn out of it? (Sigh...) Nothing's wrong with wishful thinking right? :)

I loved the performances by their actors and actresses. The singers were all wonderful as well. It felt like I was in Hollywood indeed! hehe...

On our second day in Singapore, we were given a city tour. Again, I took a lot of photos. Some of which I posted in . :) id=354239&cat=0&photoID=11727468&mp=V2

Our days were filled of scheduled trips from one tourist place to the other. And of course, it isn't complete without shopping for Pasalubong right? haha... Plus I'm glad I had the chance to meet with Auntie Elsa, Jhing and her family. :)

I'd say it was a fun filled trip full of memories which I will cherish always.
Thank you Santos Land. :) And to Ma'am Estela, you're simply great!

Lea C. Walker