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Allea Real Estate
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Meet The Blogger

I was born in Davao City but grew up in Davao Oriental. We moved back to Davao City when I was in High School until the present.

By profession, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker with Allea Real Estate as our business name. But I am actually a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce - Accounting.

My day consist of several meetings and appointments. So I get really tired and stressed mentally and physically.

That's why I am so glad that my cousin Roy, introduced me to the world of blogging. Since I wake up earlier than the roosters  :) , it gives me time to write about my experiences. The memories from travelling coupled with the photographs I've accumulated over the years, often remind me that life should not be "all about work".  We need time to commune with nature, more time with our love ones and a time to be alone to think about life. And in the process, become a better person.

And oh.. I also love to sing. :)

So this is my journey. The story of my life , which I believe is just a speck on earth....

                                                       Lea C. Walker