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Monday, September 26, 2011

Philippine Road Trip - Day 2

I felt better after a good night's sleep. Thanks to Star Garden Tower Hotel. :) 

John and I ate at McDonald's because that's the only breakfast place available early in the morning. We decided to start early since we still have a long way to go.

I asked John not to feel bad anymore. What happened the previous day was in the past. (For Day 1 of this road trip - please check:

You know, John was more disappointed than I was. Actually, he really took it worst that I did. Maybe because in my case, I was already prepared for the worst. Like what everybody says, interview at the US embassy is like a game. If they like you on sight, they'll give you a visa. If they don't, too bad for you. :)  If you like, pay again the fee next time. And hope that luck is on your side that day... Nice right?

So John and I agreed that we will not let it spoil our vacation. We work everyday, even on a Sunday sometimes. So I thought, we both deserved to rest.

Somewhere in Quezon Province.  

I am glad we took a road trip because John and I loved every bit of it. The countryside was gorgeous and the view was great. 

Giant Silver Swan Bottle in Quezon Province. :)

We stopped in Naga City for lunch and rested for awhile. John bought a back support thing from a hardware in SM Naga. I'm so happy  he found it because it made driving more comfortable for him. :)

Finally, we arrived in Legazpi City around 5 in the afternoon. We looked for hotels and decided to stay at La Roca. I loved the place. It's just a 2 storey hotel so it was not so crowded. The food was great too...

But what I love the most about it is that, the majestic Mayon Volcano is just very near. John drove a couple kilometer and we're there.  

We just stayed on the road, watching this magnificent mountain from afar. It stood there, breathing smoke, on a beautiful day looking so grand and regal... I felt lucky and blessed that I was given a chance to see and take photos of it.


                                                          Lea C. Walker

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