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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Singapore Trip

I was given a Travel Incentive for reaching the sales quota last year. So off I went to Singapore and Malaysia with John and the rest of the awardees.

I cannot help but laugh when I remember the things we experienced during the trip. The trip from Davao to Cebu was uneventful. And I would like to thank my co-sales directors who offered their seat just to ensure that John and I sat adjacent to each other on the plane. Thank you. :)
For whatever reason, Cebu Pacific was late that day. And so we arrived in Cebu more than an hour late. The plane for Singapore could not leave because of us. Of course, if they did, we would have been mad, really really mad.. haha. It wasn't our fault that they were late right? So it's just proper for them to wait for all of us!

Imagine us, running from one end of the airport to the other. Obviously there was a short cut, but since were no directions , we got lost. All 19 of us were given the last call already when we finally found the terminal we were supposed to board in. :)

The trip to Singapore took 3 hours from Cebu. It was already midnight when we reached there. We were picked up by our tour guide and was brought to the hotel by bus. The hotel was in a small road and we were told that the bus could not get in there, so we took our luggages and rolled them in to the hotel. Only to find out that we're at the wrong one. If we weren't so tired then, we would all have laughed about it. But we were, tired , that is... And sleepy. And hungry. So we could no longer maintain our sense of humor.

After rolling our luggages to the bus again and a few more streets later, the tour guide found the hotel. Our hearts sank. We were put in a hotel at the red light district of Singapore. You'd see the prostitutes around you, young and old alike. When I say old, I mean, at least 40 year old women. You'd think I am kidding right? But no I am not. They're really old. And I felt sad for them. Some were Filipinas too. :(

After checking in, we were just so glad because we could finally sleep. And then we reached our room. I started to laugh... very hard. It was either that or I would cry. The room was so small. And the bathroom, think about this... I stood on the floor while I washed my hair in the bathtub. That's how small the bathroom and the bathtub was.
The next day, on board the bus going to Sentosa, everybody was so excited! Despite the lack of sleep and the uncomfortable hotel room, we all decided to have fun. :) I know Ma'am Estela, being patient and all, tried not to get angry with the travel agency who made all the arrangements. We were promised a different hotel, remember? But the agency messed up, unintentionally or (intentionally? so they'll earn more?)... Tsk.. tsk. I guess we will never find out.
On the way to Sentosa, I took lots of photos. The more pictures I took, the more I realized how behind our country is compared to this small island. We used to be richer than them right? But corruption happened, so we got left behind. It seems like it will take ages for President Noy to help the Philippines recover the lost wealth... Uh-uh, I am on vacation, so I continued to take more photos and forced myself to focus on it..
Finally we reached Universal Studios. :) The last time I went to Singapore, Universal Studios wasn't there yet. So like a child, I was so excited to explore the unknown..

I was so amazed with the whole place. I wondered how much they spent on it? Again, I wished that we'd have an international investment this big in the Philippines! The whole place is packed with people from all over the world. Can you imagine how much income our country will earn out of it? (Sigh...) Nothing's wrong with wishful thinking right? :)

I loved the performances by their actors and actresses. The singers were all wonderful as well. It felt like I was in Hollywood indeed! hehe...

On our second day in Singapore, we were given a city tour. Again, I took a lot of photos. Some of which I posted in . :) id=354239&cat=0&photoID=11727468&mp=V2

Our days were filled of scheduled trips from one tourist place to the other. And of course, it isn't complete without shopping for Pasalubong right? haha... Plus I'm glad I had the chance to meet with Auntie Elsa, Jhing and her family. :)

I'd say it was a fun filled trip full of memories which I will cherish always.
Thank you Santos Land. :) And to Ma'am Estela, you're simply great!

Lea C. Walker

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